A newby question

Hi, I bought recently an external DVD burner GSA-2164D. I don’t know whether I should install the software. In principle I have XP so the system recognized the new device instantly and I was able to burn a disc, but a stange thing happened to me. When I inserted a blank DVD disc into the new burner the green light flashed a little bit and then stoped, while in “My computer” the inscription on the second removable drive was changed from DVD-RAM to CD-RAM (when I remember well). Still as I said the burning went OK. Moreover the software disc that came with the burner contains inter alia Nero Express program which I could have a good use of, but it seems that in order to install this program I shall install the whole CyberLink pack. So should I or should I not install the software?

The icon just changed to “CD-Drive”, such as CD-RAM doesn’t exist.
Nothing to worry about, it’s just a stupid explorer bug.

Use a real burning app and don’t care about the xp built-in burning function…

Ok, I can’t comment on why the drive description changed to CD-RAM (there is no such thing as CD-RAM!). That is strange.

I think I can help you with the installation of the bundled software CD though. There is another way to install stuff from there. I’m assuming when you put that software CD in, the install program automatically runs. Cancel that program and instead browse through the CD with windows explorer. You will find that there are separate directories for the different programs. You should be able to manually run the setup program for Nero from its directory. That way, you won’t have to install everything just for Nero alone. I’ve done this before with the bundled software CD for both LG and BenQ drives, so it should work for you.

OK, thanks