A Newbie question, but it's bugging me!

I recently got DVDFab Platinum and want to back up my dvds onto my external hard drive. The problem is when I go to back them up it takes a friggin age to do. It takes about 2 hours to back up a 2 hour film. Is this normal or can I tweak bitrates, filesize, or something to make it rip faster. Any help would be so much appreciated!!!

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Presumably you’re reading from a DVD-ROM or burner in which case I think you need to check the DMA status of it in Device Manager.

ok, i’m anoob and silly, but whats DMA status and how does it affect ripping speed

If the DVD reader isn’t set up properly for efficient reading then ripping from it will be very slow. DMA = Direct Memory Addressing is a fast & efficient way of transferring data within the PC.

There’s a thread here that shows you how to check & reset the DMA status of devices. What you’re looking for is UDMA mode 2 or 4 for your reader. Check out the thread here . If it shows as being in PIO mode then that’ll be the problem.

Hello, fresh prince. Welcome to the group. Like you, I’m kinda new. If you open DVDFab, and look along the top of the screen, you’ll see Common Settings. Click on that, and down about the bottom of the screen you’ll see Reset DMA. If you click on that, and then restart your 'puter, you should find that the copy/burn process will speed up.
Also, you are better to close all other progs down ( even the firewall), so that DVDFab is left to its own devices to get on with the job in hand.
Like you, I use external HD’s because I’ve had too many disasters in the past with lost data.
Anyway, I hope that this is of some help. See you later, then. Jim :slight_smile:

fresh prince
To open common settings you need to open DVDFab and at the top right you will see a button with a little gear icon on it click on it then click on the small dropdown that says “common settings” about half way down you will see “RESET DMA” click on it :cool:
Sorry the other members did not inform you on how to open common settins :frowning:

Grrrr!!! I reset the DMA, still slow, I checked the status of the ide channels all dma like you all said. And still flipping slow…

Am I doing something wrong?

I recently got DVDFab Platinum and want to back up my dvds onto my external hard drive.

You are ripping to an external hard drive through a USB connection?

nope I’m ripping from DVD to hard drive, then to Ext HD. any clues?

What processor & how much memory do you have, and is it a laptop or desktop PC?

Also are the DVD & HDD on the same IDE channel/cable?

AMD Turion x64
Dell Inspiron 1521 Notebook

Does this help?