A newbie question about movie sizes (MAC)

Hi there

I’m new to dvd-ripping etc but think I’ve got the very basics sussed.

I use a Mac, and am keen to buy dvd2onex but have a simple question that I hope someone can answer for me.

I have a dvd which, for arguments sake, is about 7.5gb in size.

The main menu, movie and english soundtrack take up, for example, just 4.2gb of the total, and all the extras etc take up the remainder

If I use dvd2oneX to make a movie-only copy, which is 4.2gb, does dvd2oneX recompress the movie or is it smart enough to realise that it will fit ‘as-is’ and make a byte-for-byte copy?

I have a feeling that it leaves everything ‘as-is’ because it knows the movie will fit, but if someone could just confirm this for me, I would be very grateful, as I have my c/card in hand waiting to purchase dvd2oneX.

Many thanks in advance


Yep … you are right, it won’t compress unless it needs to.

It’s possible that the output is slightly different, but not by any significant degree.