A newbee having probs in protecting my vids

Hi! I’m just a newbee in this cd/dvd community and i would like to ask because i do want to protect my cd/dvd vids from avarage users to copy my cd’s.What should i do/use to copyright my cd/dvd vids.I do really need some help real bad here! Could you guys help me and shed some light.

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The best protection is not to lend them to average users. Failing that a Payware protection (like Hexalock) is the only 99% foolproof way. To be really sure a contract with Starforce will seal the deal.

If you’re talking about CD’s that YOU BURN, the answer is :


If you want to let someone else burn them… it can be done for DVD video. But it’s costly.

If it’s AVI’s… you’re just out of luck, because being able to READ them means being able to COPY them. Sorry.

Its like this bro. I have a dvd that i sell and hoping that there is some software that i’ll use for that dvd’s that i sell can never be duplicate by the buyer and resell it.Hope thjat you guys have a picture off what I want to do.


In that case, no. There’s nothing you can do short of spending big bucks on a CSS license.

I’ve got a few DVDs that I made the mistake of putting paper labels on.
They play fine on the PC and also on standalones, but they will not allow you to copy them.
Several different drives have failed to rip them because of the labels. These are discs that I have ripped prior to labelling.

Try putting on some paper labels, it might make it more difficult to rip.

On the other hand, paper labels ALSO tend to pull away the paint after a while.

See the problem here is that virtually any method that protects your files from copying… ALSO might prevent your customers from VIEWING them, which is NOT ok.

Damn double posts.

in that case i’l just hope that they will not reproduce my videos.

Thanks guys great help!