A newb question, but a question nonetheless

Okay, this is just something that bothers me, that I have found a simple solution to.

I’m sure some of you have gone on Kazaa, or some other filesharing program, and tried to download a setup file for a game. Sure. But why, instead of having the setup file, have an ISO image of the disk, and a notepad document containing a Serial Number or two. That would make so much more sense, and it would allow a user to have a hard copy of that game.

Can someone try to point out what is wrong with this, because I’m sure it would work if there isn’t anything wrong, and I haven’t seen any ISO’s of any games out there on the 'net.



if you have ur own original copy , u are entitled to backup it once according to EULA ( end user license agreement ) legally and you will therefore not sell it or reverse engineer it by modifying the game content by serials , cracks or hacks . of course , there is several ISO found in the net for any one to download mainly by pirates , but it would hurt the company who has made it and will therefore causes losses of dollars to them :slight_smile:
in order to prevent pirates from copying the games , they insert copy protection in the cd which makes it tough for them .
But , that is something which pirates always find it easy by cracking the main file ( the exectuable ) and modify it such a way that it will not check for the cd protection itself .
softwares , games and millions of applications r cracked everyday and pirates sells them for a cheap price which tempts the people to buy them instead of original copy .

There are so many reasons for doing so many things.
But the point is, as Arun already pointed out, this is a warez free forum and any means of using/obtaining illegal software (by downloading when you don’t own the original or modifying the software by using cracks etc) are not allowed on this forum.

I understand that this was a question in which you yourself are not asking about illegal downloads, but I cannot allow this topic to contibue after having said what I just did.

If you want to partake in illegal activities, it is at your own risk, but don’t let me catch you doing it on our forums. Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.