A New Year Challenge to bigmike7 and the rest of the MyCE to SEND all their profile friends a Visitor message

I have Done all mine :bigsmile:

IF I missed anyone out its because You dont have visitors message Enabled :flower:


:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yes i know Im evil :clap:

Thanx 4 the New Year’s post, Diane!
Nice pic!
I’ve sent messages to all 6 of my friends.
God, I need more friends!
Gotta work on that.
Happy 2010 everyone!!

Hmmm… that avatar looks vaguely familiar. :wink:


You were right di I didn’t have visitor messaging enabled
Thanks for the heads up :bigsmile:

Yo Di-

Since I personally don’t believe in turning ‘on’ my own personal visitor message option - it would be hypocritical of me to send it to all my friends visitor message option-eh!!

So therefore - I respectfully decline to participate-

[QUOTE=bigmike7;2483647]Yo Di-

So therefore - I respectfully decline to participate-[/QUOTE]

I dont Blame you :bigsmile:


Yo Di-

Leave it to you to find out the ‘hidden’ part of our lives-eh!! :flower: