A new way to by pass SafeDisc 2?

I just posted the article A new way to by pass SafeDisc 2 ?.

Hank uses our newssubmit to tell us that there is a program called CDRDao that is supposed to be copying Safedisc 2 protected games.

Here’s what he wrote:

It has come to our attention…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1449-A-new-way-to-by-pass-SafeDisc-2-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1449-A-new-way-to-by-pass-SafeDisc-2-.html)

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yes, but there is still a problem: if my burner doesn’t do sd2 it won’t do, not with clonecd nor with blindread nor with cdrdao the really nice thing is that this program is FREE

I think this is crap. SafeDisc 2 relies on weak sectors and therefore cannot be correclty burned by writers that cannot reproduce these sectors. This is purely a hardware problem and has nothing to do with CloneCD compatibility or not. Either your drive can or cannot do it. The only way to let a burner that cannot write these weak sectors make a working copy is to modify or replace the weak sectors (like PlayBack and InseKtors do). Then again maybe I’m wrong and the program has a FirmWare workaround or something like that… That would indeed be great but I doubt it.

This was posted on Clone Clinic Originally by Sarge B, someones nicked his posting!!! check this link: http://pub42.ezboard.com/funofficialclonecdforumcloneclinic.showMessage?topicID=7910.topic

You still need SD2 compatible writer. I think someone misunderstood Sarge B’s post. He wanted to say that the program is free so u don’t have to pay for it and it has almost all the features of CloneCD. I’ve tried the proggy with NBA Live 2001 and Mitsumi CR-4805TE. Copy didn’t work. SD2 is a HARDWARE PROBLEM!!!

:7 IT WORKS Man, Yes I made 2 copys of NBA Live 2001 with my Plextor 12/10/32 Firmware 1.04 (This was the first model Plextor released, and isn’t able to read or write subchannel data, also it isn’t able to make a working SD2 copy with CloneCD. I tried those copys in a ACER 52X Reader and a LG 40X and LG 48X Readers, all on different PC’s Al Worked Perfect (Tried more then once, and also after rebooting the PC,s) Also It worked with my Compaq 8/4/32 Rewriter (Revamped and modified Philips CDD4801/71 Firmware C1.3, witch was not able to produce a working copy under CloneCD (CloneCD gives Wrong Write Speeds (12x Max))) Gonna try this on my old Sone CRX100E Rewriter and Very Old Acer 2/2/6 Rewriter Hope it Works :7 The Reading was don in my Plextor (Reading gives Very much error, but ignore this, the BIN file is good The writing was done all at 4x) Intra :7 Man i’m HAPPY Yeah (Sure, cause i could trade my other LG 4/4/32 with the Compaq 8/4/32) :slight_smile:

Oeps forgot to mention, I made batch file for my ease of use :slight_smile: The only problem this software gives is, when you abort the reading, the pc is acting slower, and i must restart my PC after every write (i can’t write more then 1 copy, when trying to make a second copy the program locks up, and your PC Drive access is very slow, only solution to this is to restart your PC with a Warm restart or a Cold restart :slight_smile: But, what the hell, i can make Working SD2 Copies now :slight_smile: héhé and my Acer 2/2/6 just finished writing and the copy works perfect (i now have 3 SD2 comp. writers :slight_smile: hope the sony works also :slight_smile: but that’s for tomorrow. Intra

hey webjunkie why didn`t you post it yourself i think all the freakers should know this thats why i posted it

This is good news. Wonder how Intra does this sh*t ___ Hey Intra, let me know how it works. I also want to copy this game. Please, mail me @ marshallakaeminem@hotmail.com Could you give me a guide how to copy it? thanx

Hi dudes! As i like to test cdr progs, Im gonna try this new one, finally never heard of that prog. I will post my results in my forum at my site: http://www.tom909.de If you like to join my forum, just do it and post whatever you like. There some nice things im going to add in a week on my site, so check it out. The burners im gonna test are: sony crx140e, phillips 4x4x24x and my old yamaha cdrw4416s, but i think the yamaha wont handle that ;-). Readers: toshiba SDM1302, plextor 32x and pioneer U03s. See yA!

Laughinh, really loud laughing, i had to, when reading this article, Hey Olli from Clone CD - wake up, an go by to controll EFM Decoding

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