A new twist on an old problem

Hi, I am new here and you may think this question has been asked before but please read on as it has a twist:

ConvertXtoDVD is creating DVD’s that ‘judder’ - they pause for a split-second then play again ad infinitum.

The twist:
Until I reinstalled Windows ConvertXtoDVD was doing a great job of making my AVI’s into DVD’s.
(My PC’s ‘Restore Points’ have never worked so when it goofs I have to go back to square one.)

I’ve tried:
Different types of media that DID work originally. These include Maxwell, Memorex, Ridisc and Verbatim.
Also tried other software including ‘DVDFlick’ and ‘Xillsoft DVD Creator’. All do not solve the problem.

I am at the end of my rope and spent far too much money trying to sort this out; it’s honestly getting to the point where I’m seriously considering giving the PC a real reBOOT!

Please help, my spec is below…

If you save the output to your HDD as files, can these be played properly on your computer (before committing to disc)?

[QUOTE=MysticEyes;2277784]If you save the output to your HDD as files, can these be played properly on your computer (before committing to disc)?[/QUOTE]

If I save to my HDD I get ‘vob’ files which cant be played. (?)

OK, you now have a folder that CXD created.

Without knowing what player you have I suggest you get VLC it’s good to have. During installation you may want to[B] not [/B]associate it with any file types on your computer.


After you’ve installed it simply drag/drop the whole folder (it will contain the AUDIO/VIDEO_TS folders) that CXD created onto VLC’c desktop icon. The DVD should play normally. Do you see this ‘judder’ occurring now?

I use Media Player (new one), reluctant to download VLC as it has ‘VideoLAN streaming solution’ which sounds a security risk to me.

When I download an AVI (or alike) movie from the net it plays fine on my PC (in Media Player) so the problem can only be the software (doubt it, I’ve tried loads) the media (doubt it, I use the same DVD+R’s Ive always used), my PC (probable cuz it used to work ok burning movies until the last time i had to reinstall Windows due to lack of Restore Points that havent worked since i bought it new) or finally my actual burning drive is dying…?

See below for my PC spec, thanks for your time.

[B]Got it working![/B]

Here’s what I did :
1.Uninstalled ConvertXToDVD
2.Uninstalled Comodo AntiVirus
4.Installed ConvertXToDVD
5.Successfully burnt a DVD
6.Installed Comodo

Yet to see if it will burn ok with Comodo installed again but obviously it was something to do with that.
Now, I’m guessing that (because I switch off Comodo etc before burning) I originally used Comodo to block something that ConvertXToDVD needs.

Hopefully all is well, stay tuned and I’ll let you know.