A new streaming technology using divx and xvid : streamplug


I posted in the general software section about this but i guess this is more appropriate. I found this site some time ago www.cedelia.com which offers a new player, that comes as a plugin, and plays divx and xvid files on the web. I was amazed that it is so quick to install and at the streaming quality.
I think this player and the divx plugin that divx networks released should become the alternative to realmedia or -what’s even worse- windows media player.
Streamplug and the DivX plugin are quite interesting to compare too. They have similarities and crucial differences i find, like the fact that the divx one only supports the divx codec as far as i could see. And i did not find a way to get full screen with the divx one either, but i guess that’ll be fixed.
I like to think that one day, one beautiful day, we’ll be able to have access to stuff instantly and never have to download anything anymore :slight_smile:
We spend our lives waiting for elevators to come down, elevators to go up, traffic lights to turn green and in the end we die while we wait without even noticing it.

You can test streamplug here:
Divx 700k full screen!


just the way I like my content. quality, instant, and fullscreen.


yeah i find that thing really cool and they keep releasing movies too, all free and all. i had the occasion to watch nosferatu, the old silent vampire flick thx to this thing, thumbs up!

anyways they also released a manual,and i’m not very good at html or anything nerdy in fact but i’d like to try stream some stuff. The manual says you have to turn your files into .ogg files or .ogm files, but it’s not complete yet and the link section is empty. I looked and found some tools to do that prompting lines…
I’m pretty sure there are tools out there to make a .avi into an ogm, are there experts here that could guide me a lil?

the manual for streamplug is on www.streamplug.info for those of you who would be interested. If anyone wants to help me please let me know!

You should pose this question in our Transcoding Forum, I bet someone there could help you! :wink:

ok thx i’ll try that when i come back in january, i haven’t had much time to get started with it anyway.

merry xmas everyone :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to you too! Have a safe Holiday!!! :cool:

Is there anything else similar to this (streamplug)? I found ffmpeg, but that thing kills CPU %