A New Site Shut Down?



I have not be able to get on http://www.torrentbits.org/ and the tracker down. Maybe its on of the site’s thats been shut down?? MPAA has been working hard trying to bring donw site’s. First Sharereactor(RIP), then Shareconnector and maybe this site. Maybe i here them knocking on my door next.


Or maybe they’re just overcrowded at the moment?


From what I can gather, the site went down temporarily for reasons that the site administrators will not discuss. It also appears that some key people were out of town when the site went down and are still out of town. Whether or not it will be back up again no one seems to know. It is a very hostile environment right now. This poster has a quote that says the site is dead. 18/12/04

Check out this post from Slicks at DSL reports.


A good one is
But remember Sharereactor was fantastic, then that was shut down, Shareconnector took over, that was shut down. How long before Shareprovider and others like are all down?