A new rubber band?

I have a old Pacific Digital 48x12x48x light-on it cd burner and I guess age has rotted my rubber that makes things go round and round. Is there some place that fixes simple stuff like that? I hope so because I will really be :sad: if the same thing happens to my Plextor external 48x24x 48xu cd burner.
Thanks for any replies. George

Try scavenging a rubber belt (the proper name) from a broken drive or find an electronics store that carries lots of small parts like that. That’s the only way to fix it without incurring a cost that will end up being more than the cost of a new drive.

When it comes to electronics, you had best fix it yourself because if someone has to fix it for you, it’s cheaper to just replace it. You’re not going to find anyone who “fixes simple stuff like that” cheaply. It’s all expensive.

Back when i had my Yamaha 5 disc changer, the same thing happened, belt broke, I used one of my girlfriends hair ties to fix it. Worked perfectly, I don’t know if it will fit your drive though!