A NEW room

There are many rooms in this site included and the Language Dependant!!!So I wonder why there are only an Italian,a Dutch and a German room???Why not and a Greek one,or a Spain or a France???You could create one for more language!!!:bigsmile:

We only create rooms when there are loads of ppl from a certain nationality.

The Dutch forum exists because the origin of this site is Dutch (our managment-team is 100% Dutch). The Italian forum was here even before me, I guess it has existed about the same time the CDFreaks club exists. The German one was added more recently, because quite some German ppl asked for it (although it’s not really a busy forum).

If there would come tons of Greek of French etc people, and we did some decent mods for it, I guess we could consider it. But since it ain’t that way… :wink:

Besides, that would be a lot more work for me :wink:

Well in that case I want a SWE/NOR forum! :slight_smile:

Then I want a Belgian forum!

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Then I want a Belgian forum!

That’s my idea!!! :slight_smile:

I want an “aging, pot-bellied, bald-headed, supremely intelligent” forum that automatically bans anybody who argues with it’s moderator.

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that automatically bans anybody who argues with it’s moderator.

Don’t we have that allready? :bigsmile:

It doesn’t matter wtat room will be created,but if(and that is a big if)it will be ever created!!!:confused:

How about we create a room where every country that is not represented gets to be included. Everyone will speak their respective language and no one will understand the others. It will be mass confusion…how delightful. :cool:

could we call it the soapbox? or maybe the melting pot? ooooo, cornucopia! (correct my spelling please)

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Family of Kournikova? :slight_smile: