A new region code tracking chip to fight piracy?

I just posted the article A new region code tracking chip to fight piracy?.

 It seems  that a new technology will help motion picture movie studios to fight piracy. It consists of embedding  a radio transmitter chip on DVD discs enabling the player to...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12353-A-new-region-code-tracking-chip-to-fight-piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12353-A-new-region-code-tracking-chip-to-fight-piracy.html)

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Just another reason not to go next gen.

Come on SlySoft. I know you’re listening…

simple… make a lead housing for your dvd player :B

I would hope there will be a workaround for this, as one can’t be certain the populace in general will demand studios to drop it (like here in the U.S.), as the populace in general doesn’t know of these things. Good read, Geno! :B

I would imagine it to be easy to hack the firmware to just ignore the chip, so go ahead you film companies, waste your money developing this, keep your prices high, then watch someone hack this really quickly.

surely that invades your privacy, they should be able to track where you go with your dvd. they arent the fbi or secret service, they are selling you a movie!!!

That would make me super annoyed, as i’ve already been the victim of regional coding once when I emigrated from UK to Canada and found that none of my PS2 games or movies would work. :frowning: That’s the main reason I joined CD freaks! Since I will probably move again in the future, I will probably in for more hassle.

I would assume the new players that play the discs with the chips would also be bacwards compatible with the discs without the chip. In that case, all you would have to do is zap the chip with static electricity, which would kill the chip.

Why don’t we just tie a chain to the dvd that you bought from the store and make sure it goes all the way to your house only? My theory makes as much sense as theirs. :+ Of course I’m not an avid moviegoer and almost little to no movies really appeal to me at all. There’s your explanation to why you have been losing money. :d Therefore if I was interested in a movie, I’d rent it, watch it once, and then never watch it ever again. Movie making is like investing in the stock market, you take a gamble and you win some and you lose some. GET OVER IT!

There will be a modded player or you can mod out your player think about it.

Cant wait to see what an unballanced disc does at high speed.

“I still don’t understand why studios don’t want people being able to play movies from a different region” It’s so that retailers in different markets can set their own prices and not have to worry about people importing cheaper discs from another country. It’s also so that a dvd movie doesn’t get released in a country where the movie has yet to be shown at the cinema. Doesn’t benefit the consumer that’s for sure.

I will boycott any dvd movie or player with this absurd technology. They really have gone to far.

remember which country the mpaa and riaa are from… AMERICA!

I think yet again the customer is being told what to do and have no choice in the matter. Its about time we all told them we dont like the way they act like big brother.Hit them where it hurts in their pockets and dont buy the discs or the players.Just like blu-ray dont buy we dont need it we dont need any of it just leave things as they are.Just remember betamax and the power we had.:):slight_smile:

“remember which country the mpaa and riaa are from… AMERICA!” writes hajj. Yes, hajj, and YOU remember to not to watch anything produced by the “Great Satan”.

the future chips will be carried by the people…

Guys…this ain’t about politics so don’t go there. It’s about money. I guarantee, no matter what part of the world you live in, they will pass laws that are in the interest of profit and the resulting tax revenues they generate. So let’s all realize we are all on the same boat…or ball. The planet earth! Don’t fight amongst ourselves, fight the man! :d
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The Australian authorities have said this is illegal more or less. The legalized mod chips for the PS2 so we can play games from the states and japan. WooHoo!!! :g What is to stop the manufacturer from having n option to disable it.