A new PX-891SAF model

From the Vinpower blog:

Vinpower will unveil its latest ODD offering with the new exclusive Plextor PX-891SAF PLUS drive at Computex May 31st – June 4th

There aren’t details about the model. See here.

Thanks for the info.

Hopefully this is more than just a firmware “update”. :smiley:

Could this new PX-891SAF [B]PLUS[/B] model be a rebadge of an upcoming (hypothetical) iHAS124 “G” model? According to a recent article, an official LiteOn “insider” was quoted as saying:

We reached out to Liteon to try and confirm this news, speaking with sales manager Mike Huang. He told us that “it’s true that TSST(Samsung ODD) stopped production from Mid-April.” He also claimed that counter to our tip’s idea that only LG would remain competitive, Liteon had received massive orders from retailers and that its factory capacity was maxed.

“We will continue the ODD business aggressively to obtain about 50% of market share,” [U][B]and will “release a new ODD to the market[/B][/U],” he said.

I see that the PLUS drive is listed for sale on Amazon.ca, though its description appears to be that of the first model with nothing new. I don’t find it on Amazon US, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, or JP.

On the page, Disgusted Customer’s review of the first model’s interactions with PlexUtilities is interesting. Vinpower has edited out of its newsletter the reference to PlexTools Professional XL among the list of compatible software, leaving PlexTools Lite and PlexUtilities. Could it be that a compatiblity tweak is part of the PLUS?

My mistake. The drive listed on Amazon.ca [B]is[/B] the first model. Plus = +. :o

Vinpower’s website now has details about the PLUS drive. It permits burning CDs and DVDs at lower speeds and has a few performance enhancements. The retail package includes PlexTools. See the blog entry. The product description. A picture.

Now we just need to know if it uses a Mediatek or a Renesas chipset…

It looks like the box says designed in Japan (which would imply the Renesas), but the fact that it is a SAF Plus and it works with Vinpower’s Plextools would suggest that it is another Mediatek drive…

Just checked in with VinPower, and the new 891SAF Plus will be using a Mediatek chipset. It seems the biggest difference between the upcoming 891SAF Plus and the older 891SAF is the addition of some lower write speeds.

It is worth noting that these “new” lower write speeds are not any lower than what was included on the 891SAW…but still I always support more options for reading/writing! (Plus the 891SAW was using a Renesas chipset, and so was incompatible with most disc scanning software.)

A little more about the PLUS. SOHO has specs on the PLUS including photos of the cooling enhancement. English translation. Japanese original. It looks like there may indeed be a compatibility tweak with the PLUS: ‘You our drive corresponds to “PLEXTOOLS Lite” accessory, but it does not correspond to the “PlexTools” of Plextor old products. Also it is guaranteed to work for “PlexUTILITIES”’

The Chinese shopping website Taobao.com has specs and a number of images. See. The boxes look like they might be for the original model.

Well that is interesting. Cool to see Vinpower adding some exclusive hardware tweaks to this LiteOn drive!

Was the 891SAF not compatible with PlexUtilities? I thought it was.

Vinpower has introduced yet another model, the PX-891SAF-ROBOT, apparently with increased tray extension. See.

RunTechMedia is selling the ROBOT and the PLUS as bulk drives.

Ya the ROBOT stuff is for auto tray loaders. They had the SAW and SAF as a ROBOT too for their DVD towers.

Glad to see these are starting to show up in stock. My SAW is starting to die, so I am ready to grab the PLUS once it comes out with the retail box!

Newegg.com has the PX-891SAF-PLUS (bulk/OEM) in stock. And, for the first time that I’m aware of, the original PX-891SAF retail package also.

Amazon UK and Germany are selling the PX-891SAF-PLUS as a bulk drive that includes PlexTools, described as the “full version”.

On both sites four images are included with the descriptions. However, where it’s possible to determine the drive used in testing with PlexTools or VPTools, the drives were the original model (with firmware 1.T1) or the LG WH16NS48.

In researching my replacement drive choices, I found the Plextor website for the PX891SAF. There is no mention of VINPower. Rather it is part of LiteOn (see bottom of webpage). My new PX891SAF (OEM packaging) arrived from Newegg and has a manufacturing date of July 2016. The website also states that the product is designed by LiteOn ( as I read it). Also, the site makes no mention of any other model of the drive.

I wondeer if any of the testers have checked the most current version of the drive’s performance. I have no convenient way to do this task.

Thanks for reading this bit of news and Happy New Year!

Yes. LiteOn has used the Plextor brand for some years now, and has produced a drive or two for Vinpower under that brand name.

Vinpower also got special Optiarc models, and continued to get them for a while after Optiarc ceased operations & LiteOn absorbed the remnants. (I assume that LiteOn had enough parts in stock to continue fulfilling orders & to make zombie drives that were similar to Optiarc designs but came to exist after Optiarc ceased production).

But these special Vinpower variants are generally labeled as such, due to whatever tweaks Vinpower wanted, & are treated separately from other drives. Purchasing them & getting support is a bit different from non-Vinpower models.

For example, the PX-891SAF is separate from the 891SAF-Plus; it is the latter that is considered a “new” drive. The regular 891SAF (and its original model, the iHAS124 F) had been out for a while prior to this announcement.

The regularly 891SAF probably has no noteworthy tweaks from older builds of the same model.

Thanks Albert for the explanation.