A new king in town

Just look at this 20x burn.

By “King” , do you mean the media or the burner ?



[QUOTE=minaelromany;1961545]By “King” , do you mean the media or the burner ?



Sorry but the first at least is not real life test. Those are from CD/DVD burning. I never personally consider those as safe tests. From what I have seen it’s something else to burn TS_FOLDERS from anything else. At least with Nero. My burn is a 20x and the scan was made by 8x and not by a BenQ. Anyway I want one of those but I can’t find nowhere around.:iagree:

Your burn isn’t a real test either since it’s not a full disc, which could show higher PIE and/or PIF towards the end. And the jitter is just “ok.”

By real life I mean no CD/DVD test files but real files encoded by software I use at my work. I burned 10 discs at once and noone gave me less than 90% quality. All of them were 20x burns. I think LG is the best again.

I understand everyones opinion here. I think :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason for putting meaningless data on a disc from CD Speed is so we all are using the same files to test with.

But then again they are not what you would burn on a disc to keep in real life.

I hope i’m right by saying this? :o

That’s what I am after all this time. I changed a lot of drives just to be sure that my shows (some of them are playing on air from DVD!) would be burned right.
Only by LG I am sure. While 203B is excellent I have experienced some glitches on air when my show was broadcasting. Of course that could be due to the DVD player they station uses. But whenever I burn them with the 62N (now I am testing the new 20NS10) the playback is just clean. There is no such thing as 100% sure and I know very good about that. I just feel that the changes are more to an optimal result using LG’ s. But that’s my case. Others swear by NEC or something else. I am just very satisfied by LG.

nothing really impressive, and its not a 20x burn either, ends at 18x

Again, you’re not burning files (whether real or test) to a full disc. All of my 20+ drives can probably burn your limited “real” data with excellent quality with TYG03 media.

I have NEVER used CD/DVD speed to burn anything other than “real” data made as .iso wth imageburn , so , all my burns are real life data :stuck_out_tongue:

Well ok this is not a good burner for everyone. It’s just very good for me.