A new ISP in New Zealand Offers Access to Geolocation Blocked Sites



I just posted the article A new ISP in New Zealand Offers Access to Geolocation Blocked Sites.

A New Zealand ISP is pushing back against global restrictions and access to popular media sites. Is this the beginning of a new type of global access to media?

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/a-new-isp-in-new-zealand-offers-access-to-geolocation-blocked-sites-61531/](http://www.myce.com/news/a-new-isp-in-new-zealand-offers-access-to-geolocation-blocked-sites-61531/)

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This is the future. With all kinds of torrent sites being blocked, it’s just a matter of time before it happens to you. I’m glad I live in Canada, and I hope we never bend to the will of the RIAA/MPAA. God bless Canada, and God bless our maple syrup, donairs, and poutine.

Okay, I’m off like a prom dress. Peace out.


Yes, and Go Habs.

Duke, things can change here and Harper’s government might make it happen now that they have majority. I’m sure you heard about all that crap when Vic Toews was coming under fire for the conservative backed cyber-crime bill ?

Harper’s conservatives backed ACTA and last year signed on to it! Even though the final version of ACTA is not the vile evil incarnate that it was going to be, Harper’s conservatives fully supported it in their “backdoor” secret meetings about ACTA.


That’s an interesting twist.

I wonder what way this will pan out?

Either they’ll be blocked some way or this may become more common.



Been a lot of discussion down here in NZ as to how long before the MPAA/FBI break down the ISPs door and do a Dotcom to them.


Looks like the MAFIAA have killed it.