A New GREAT Download Manager



it is called OnlineMontage (www.onlinemontage.com) in addition to be a very fast download manger, it has a new unique option called “Montage” which allow the user to view frames from a video file before downloading it!!!, you can check its quality/content before spending time to download it and then find it a wrong one.

guys you have to check it to see yourself, it is FREE.

N.B: it currently support AVI video files only, but the author told me that he will include new file types soon!


My old man uses this and i’ve seen it woking…

I along with him highly recommend trying it…



You might want to correct the spelling on your webpage.

Just trying to be helpfull.


Oh yea cheers bud…


Hi, iam the author of OnlineMontage, and iam here to answer your demands, wether they are suggestions, bugs, wishes, or anything. Thanks everyone.


An unofficial welcome to CdFreaks :slight_smile: It’s always a pleasure to see devlopers and programmers take their time to read the forum to enhance their product. :bow: :bow:

I’ll take a good look at OnlineMontage and hopefully come up with some ideas.


I tried the program and it is v.good


Iam looking forward to your in-depth testing, and waiting for a 100-item wish and bug list. Thanks for your concern.


Does this program work for downloading moview with bittorrent?


Others protocols will be implemented in the next major versions, and expect all of them, and not after a lot of time


does the os mather like i am on windows xp and my sister is on 98 still{yea i know 98 but i am trying to get her up to date} and how much ram does it used
i am one for new program’s {as i am the bigest techie i know} but i used are program {that everyone has hear} call download manger.
it is fast and well when i am downloading linux off the net net it take’s 1 hour for the lot of them so just what is the cap of it.


i might be dumb in saying what is the cap but i have found some are not as fast as other’s


nice going in makeing are program too i make mod’s for freinds so i know how hard and long it take’s. :iagree:

is it alway’s going to be free???


OnlineMontage should run only on win 2000, xp, 2003 machines, and not on win98.
The difference in download speed (i didnot understand from your post which program runs faster), but it is because of different implementation of downloading codes, as the speed of your network is the same.
I hope this answers your question, if it doesnot, please donot hesitate to ask again


i used are program called real fast and i got like 300KBs and then i used internet download manager and got 700KBs that is the download speed thing i was thinking about and IS IT GOING TO BE FREE ALWAYS


Hmm, so far it misses multiple lines of copy/pasting.
The manager works great when you select only one line, but if you want to download an entire list at once, it fails.


i will consider making multiple line support in the next version ( coming in a range of 3 weeks, with many upgrades), please submit any wishes to be included


how does it compare to WackGet, anyone experiment?

it looks optimized for grabbing video’s, very nice job.


FTP support would be very useful if possible.


@OnlineMontage i could ask a variety of questions, but there is one major important one that i need to ask.
how does it compare to FlashGet with handling referers from difficult download sites ?

Only flashget so far can 100% of the time do it right making all other downloaders useless.

Oh ok another question Does it allow me to choose how many segments i can use for each download, or set for default for all downloads. Such as 1 segment or two ?

And there is this question can i adjust in seconds and how many times to ask again a server for a download that is waiting ?


REFERER ability to be same and equal to FLASHGET - ok said that above, but it is a very big must have for any download manager to compete with FlashGet. Well really just to be a serious download manager and not a useless one.

Oh yeh can it be made not to use multi folders for different file types. Just to be set to download to a folder of my choice and it remembers that.

I have typed as think enough for now, and time for some answers thanks :wink:


well, Hi everyone, i thank all of you for your submissions.

First the protocols: ftp and nzb (nntp) will be supported in the next minor version (but without the montage feature)

Second: the referrer cannot be used without click-capture from the browser, which will be included in the version after next, but for now i will make the ability to guess and edit the referrer.
Third: the file is downloaded one segment at a time.

Fourth: the waiting, as i have understood from your post, is done in the server time-out and retry count options, in the next version an option to wait between retries for a piece of time will be added.

I donot know if this answers all of your question, but if not, please donot hesitate to ask again. In the end, I want you all to benefit the maximum from OnlineMontage.


Yes i meant referer from web site link from a browser, or if i use a url to download but not from a browser. FlashGet does manage this very well, as it seems you are interested in user feed back.
Have you investigated and analyzed the FlashGet application ? Just to see how it manages refering so well, and to include the same referer ability into OnlineMontage.

FTP support next version
Great news any respectfull downloader should be able to handle full FTP protocols.

server time-out and retry count options, in the next version an option to wait between retries for a piece of time will be added.
This will help a lot as is a needed feature in a downloader, i use normaly 25 to 30 seconds.

The file is downloaded one segment at a time
Have no problems with this myself as i mostly use only one segment. As a lot of download sites don’t allow more than one segment.