A New DVDR/RW needed

Hi Good folks…Has been many years since I been in here. In Fact, first time in many years to ask you a question…Since updating to Windows 10 I find my Samsung SH-S203B will not Read or Write any DVDs. Every time Stupid W10 does an update I get a problem. This time its my Writemaster DVD drive. Done my head in…So I need the Best INTERNAL DVDR/RW Writer on the market that does it ALL.NO BlueRay. Don’t use them.
Is not often I write to DVDs these days But I need a to Wedding photos to my DVD and I can’t.

Only LG and LiteOn are left these days except you find some Samsungs or older Pioneers at Ebay or something.

Because my some of my last LGs died fast and were very noisy I would go for a LiteOn iHAS 124F

Pioneer still makes then. How much better than LG or re-badged Plextors (LiteOn), who can say? https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Computer/Computer+Drives

Pioneer still makes BD-drives, but not DVD-drives. The 221WBK is a rebadged LG GH24NSxx, the external slim drives were in the past similar to QSI-drives, dunno who make the actual slim-drives.

The Pioneer BDR-drives are very good in burning quality with DVD also and it looks to be these drives are the only one which can burn my unlabled Noname CD-R without C2. But I´m not very active in burning CD-Rs

I took out my ‘Magic bridge II’ and hooked it up to my Old NEC 350A RW/DVD and it worked a treat.
Would I be better off buying an IDE to SATA Converter and slot it into my Tower, and using it that way?? Or would you go for a new one as has been suggested.???

I just ordered an IDE to SATA converter…Cheers n beers, Dennis

Many Thanks.

I have a combination of SATA & IDE optical drives.
The Sata to IDE adapter cable has worked well for me.
So should work fine for you.

I have had a SATA LG BD drive fail but this was because the SATA port in the rear of the drive was cheaply made & broke.
I have a newer LG BD in an external enclosure & it works well.

I also have a Samsung drive in an external enclosure.
It burns DVDs fine but has a problem burning Audio CDs.
I believe this is because of the enclosure chip.

I do have slim drives in my laptop & a small form desktop but they are almost never used.
I would never try to burn with either of them.

Hope this helps.

THANK YOU COT…Appreciated.
My memory not as good as it was when I first joined here, so the old same questions I must ask.

I going to get Nero next. I already got imagburn…

Cheers n Beers—Dennis

I have a old Nero6 on an XP partition but I haven’t used it in years.

My main DVD burning software is CloneDVD2.
I have used DVDFab DVD Copy that I also have.
ImgBurn is also good.
With me it just depends on what I’m burning.

I have had very good service from Pioneer Blu-ray drives and they work well for CD and DVD burns too.
My only complaint currently is the drive load belt has either stretched or become slick and I have been putting off opening up the drive to try to deglaze and boil it shorter. It is many years old.

I’ve never had a Pioneer optical drive for a computer.
My vehicle units are all Pioneer.
2 are DVD & 1 just a CD .
I haven’t had any problems with these units.

Just a suggestion.
How about a new load drive belt?
Why go to all the work for an old belt that will fail sooner than a new one.

When I asked on the forum about replacements, I was recommended to wipe with acetone or alcohol or boil it.

[Source For Belts For Pioneer BDR-208D]
Source For Belts For Pioneer BDR-208D

I don’t know if this will help.
I found several places with an assortment of belts to buy.
I guess you can just compare to the old belt.

That’s where newegg had them but I saw at Amazon & even Walmart.

The only site I found with sizes was in the UK.

I’m sure there must be a US site but I didn’t find one.

Thank you, COT.

I will try getting the assortment, since I do not know what the original size is and it is a little challenging to disassemble and re-assemble.

IDE/ATAPI to SCSI is the better option.

Nah, nobody uses SCSI these days

THANK YOU ALL—I now have a IDE to SATA. Not yet installed it though. Will do soon.

I use SCSI in various flavours since ca. 28 years now and it is bullet proof. Even SAS is based on SCSI and SATA.

OK, you the exception :wink:

I don´t know a DVD-writer in the past 18 years with SCSI and none BD-RE with SCSI.

Who told you there would be any?!

Remember the first ATAPI CD writers from Yamaha on the market?

They came with SCSI<>IDE/ATAPI bridges which I still use today for several reasons.
And IDE/SATA adaptors exist aswell, of course.

As I said, SCSI is bullet proof and look at a burnlog, you’ll see that even that scrubby old ide is using SCSI commands.

I wait for all the others to scream “I use SCSI, too” :wink:

I remember the old SCSI Yamaha and Teac, but never had them by my own.

I think these drives were heavy and reliable, but it won´t help me. I use CD-R very rarely but have a lot of DVDs and more BD-Rs than CD-R.

And I´m not sure if old 2x and 4x CD-R-writers can burn better quality with 52x-media than newer IDE/SATA-drives. OK, SCSI can do slower, but it´s not my favorite case to be slower in everything :smile:

And the topic-title is: A New DVDR/RW needed :wink:

The last SCSI-drives were IDE-drives with built-in-adapters, so for me it´s an IDE-drive :slight_smile: