A new dillema for someome to help solve for me

First of all thanks to the m8 who sent me the info on extracting the files I needed using winrar. Now here is the real problem
Thanks for that, but here is a TRUE Challenge

How do I flash the tape drive with the new firmware, as if you read the doc that comes with this bin file, u need to issue certain AIX commands to flash the firmware upgrade hmm maby u can get an AIX shell to run under windows, can someone please check this out for me.

I will need the following files to run under the shell

AIX command:

lscfg -vl rmt0

If the Z1 field is 5xxx then do the following AIX command:
cp IBM4326N.30303131.5ALL /etc/microcode/IBM4326N.30303131.5ALL

Install microcode using AIX Diagnostics.

  • Make sure you are signed on as root

  • Issue the AIX command:

  • Press enter on the initial diagnostic screen

  • Select the diagnostic service aid
    (How this is selected will vary by AIX level)

  • Select microcode download
    (This will be down several screens)

Note: When you are in the diagnostics and the diagnostics ask if you have the microcode on diskette reply No and the
microcode will be loaded from the /etc/microcode file you copied from /tmp/4mm_tape directory.

  • Follow the diagnostic instructions for completing the
    microcode download.

  • When the download completes there is no need to recycle
    the system or the tape drive as the microcode is now active
    in the drive.

GreeTz from the UK to all :cool: Well its sunny @ the mo, which makes a change. :slight_smile: