A new copy protection!

well after the drama of the securom 4.8 story we now have a new challenge.
Im sure a new protection has now reared its ugly head.
Gentlemen meet the uk version of soldiers of anarchy released
here in the uk a week ago!!! version
as yet I cannot touch it!!!
please dont get confused with the us and other countries versions this ones a pig!!!
heres why!!!
you CANNOT use dpm on alcohol it will hang at 98%
you CANNOT make a bwa using blindwrite again it hangs with “error reading during measurement at sector 8150
you CANNOT make a normal image using clone cd or alcohol
with securom or safedisc profiles as disc read errors start at 3031
and continue until 14499!!! 28mb of errors NOT your typical
safedisc??? it will take over 28mins to read with error block
skips using my liteon 48125w for safedisc or customised securom
to speed up the read!!!
After burning back the disc all looks well until you install it then stops before loading files with message initialising>>>>>
then removing” odbc “components after which” insert correct CD"
BAD NEWS as now you get your disc checked before it even loads
the files thus preventing a crack or fixed exe being applied!!!
if your copy was not to run!!!
you CANNOT identify the version of securom or safedisc or whatever else it is? Have tried clony/ yapps/and several other
detectors no go Im afraid!
PLEASE do not confuse this with last months us release that appears to copy fine with blindread and bwa etc in other threads this is NOT the case I am familiar with most copying processes
and have successfully copied most new releases within the last year using most of the current applications on the market.
I was one of the 1st guys to discover securom4.8 ( unfortunately not the fix for copying it) so please dont take these claims lightly!!
If this protection goes out into other new releases the fact that we cannot even install a copy does not look good.
Hopefully the guys at alcohol/ clone cd / blindread will get a break through in the future and crush this pig of a cd protection which I will name as protection xxx until somebody can give us some hard facts on its source. regards logicwatch

I have seen Slovak verson of Soldiers of Anarchy and on cd there was somethink like ring. The color of it was between Silver and White. Maybe theare is also this new protection or it is that old protection that was on Setlers IV. I dont know.

no ring like laserlock on this cd!!!

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