A new copy protection on the ' OST SMALLVILLE ' audio CD?

My friend has a new audio CD, which is in Germany only since a few days on the market.

Now he wanted to put on itself a backup copy by these CD, which did not function…

With more exact analysis turns out, which possesses the CD several rings. On that CD are two applications (openme.exe and playcd.exe) contained. Those that play to make possible should. Over the Windows Media Player or Winamp cannot be played the CD.

From therefore it we assume, which must be it a new copy protection, because he does not admit to me at least occurs, because I develop a straight copy protection scanner :slight_smile:

Thus I hope, which I wrote everything correctly, because I am German and there one must learn English only in the school and I hears only reluctantly the English instruction too (boringly). bigsmile:

I can still send also gladly Screenshots, if you need.

Greetings KSKILLER:

Thank you. It seems like there’s a data session ? Maybe trying the CloneCD “Read first session only” may work. The again, it may not be as simple as that!

ok, we tried, without success. We took toshiba 1712, yamaha f1 and liteon 52246s as test drives.

The Yamaha recognized only 9 Tracks of 12 Tracks. The other drives assemblies recognized only the data Track. The Applications openme.exe and playcd.exe could not be started.

A similar copy with the DVD Player was possible.

Is to be been probably a really new copy protection…