A new burner



I’ve been away for a while from the world of burners and since my old one has left me, I’m here to ask you some help for a substitute.

I mostly burn MCC 004 (+R @12x), MCC 03RG20 (-R @12x) and MKM 003 (DL @8x).

I have another drive which I use almost exclusively for testing, so this option in not necessary.

I’m interested in obtaining consistently quality results.

Thanx a lot for your help.


I suggest the Optiarc 7240 :slight_smile:

This is a SATA drive, I hope that it is not a problem for you :slight_smile:


I forgot to tell.
Yes, a SATA drive is what I was looking for.
I see that drive or its rebadged brothers should be easy to be found.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: