A new and good DVD copy software AEPvideo DVD COPY

I just posted the article A new and good DVD copy software AEPvideo DVD COPY.

 warcruiser used our    news submit  to tell us: "A good  DVD copy software, easy, powerful, cheap, fast, can remove all DVD copy  protection."                     With AEPvideo DVD COPY, you own...
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Looks promising. I’ll test it out and give you guys my results. Even has a split mode. BTW, there is a 10-day trial not 15.

DVD shrink does the same thing…and it is free…though no longer updated.

@ SilverBlade2k… What a stupid statement! Go back, re-read and understand the differences between the 2 programs, then come back and edit your reaction. This app seems to work well, but there are many alternatives now. It will be very hard for them to have something unique enough to make an impact on the market

Well… Tryed it out and I have to admit. The layout is pretty and the quality is the same damn quality you’re gonna get with just about all the other stuff out there. I noticed that when I just ripped the disc to hard disc, I couldn’t get the damn files to work. But, needless to say, when I copied the disc to another disc they did. Go figure. But, I still prefer AnyDVD+DVD Shrink+Img Burn! Works every time.
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Doesn’t seem to compress in the description. Just copies 1 to 1, and 1 to 2.

i have tried it, 1d9 to d5 or 2d5 is ok, css remove ok, now i think… i prefer it than dvdfab.

Makes sense. If it also compressed like, say CloneDVD2, it would probably cost a good bit more.