A mysterious thread about nothing

How does one make a thread about nothing?

It´s already about nothing, so it´s about something!


You write in invisible ink of course.



Actually, I once wrote an article about “nothing”…
The article is in Dutch (“Niets”)…I thought I translated it here somewhere, but could not find it…so I probably have not translated it into English…or I am a lazy searcher :wink:

this explains it all

Very Jerry Seinfeld topic.

Nothing is like the number 0 : It defines something that isn’t there or has no value.

Nothing is a concept that describes the absence of anything. Colloquially, the concept is often used to indicate the lack of anything relevant or significant, or to describe a particularly unimportant thing, event, or object. It is contrasted with something and everything. Nothingness is used more specifically as the state of nonexistence of everything.

this explains it all[/QUOTE] No, that explains nothing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless nothing was something and something explained nothing?:doh::bigsmile:

this explains something

On my quest for nothingI found the ten top dirty names of boats[http://www.boatinsurance.org/top-10-dirty-boat-names/](http://www.boatinsurance.org/top-10-dirty-boat-names , /)

I think you ought at least acknowledge the possibility of something!

I have nothing to add (yet) :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT…Nothing Really Matters :bow:

I thought that Nothing else matters :eek:

No, Deano is right - Nothing Really Matters! :iagree:

That’s right, Doesn’t Really Matter


You can order nothing http://www.nothing.net/order.htmlwhich is something:confused::bigsmile:

screamin’ & cryin’ bout the BLUES:cool::bow: