A mp3-question for the real Die-Hards :-)

I’ve ‘borrowed’ 2 monthly mp3-‘update’ cd’s from a company that rents/sells mp3-automated music-systems for disco’s, bars etc …

The 2 cd’s contain a lot of mp3’s … but all mp3’s contain gaps, clicks and underwater-noise. Except when played on their own mp3-player. Which is not available at my place.
Does someone know what kind of protection is used?

I’ve tried many different players, also tried ‘uncook’ but that didn’t work also.

Here’s some mp3 info of one of the files:

Size: 4193370 bytes
Length: 262 seconds
MPEG 1.0 layer 3
128kbit, 10056 frames
44100hz Joint Stereo
Private: No
CRCs: No
Copyrighted: No
Original: Yes
Emphasis: None

Please help :slight_smile: !

Why don’t you try uncook? Get it at http://www.mp3delivery.com in the utilz/players/tools or something like that section! Works fine for me with scrambled mp3’s…


Okay, here’s the direct URL: http://home.gelrevision.nl/~nwantia/uncook95e.exe

Enjoy it…


But as i have written in my first posting, i’ve tried that ALREADY.

Ooops … it seems like nobody can help me with the problem :slight_smile:

Maybe you can get a pirated version of the software somewhere on the net. Just post the name of the program on some board. I could be that some freaker is able to help you out.