A mouse thrown into fire burns down a house

A man who found a mouse in his home tried getting rid of it by throwing the mouse into a pile of burning leaves outside. However, to his horror, the burning mouse ran into his house, which in turn put the house on fire, destroying the house and everything in it.

The full story can be read on the BBC:

Should have had a cat… :doh:

…or just closing doors before. :smiley:

Now that’s karma. The prick got exactly what he deserved.
What kind of sadistic a$$ hole throws a living creature into a fire?

Unnecessary cruelty should be a crime.

I agree it is horrid the way people tread children and animals.

I always chop the head off , skin , & gut a mouse before roasting it .

All joking aside . This was cruel & shouldn’t have been done .
Maybe that the man was 81 could have been a factor .
On the other hand I have talked to people older that were still sharp.
If he fits into the at least average intelegence category .
He should do some jail time.

I just kill them or let my cats have them, I would never throw any animal in a fire. I have no problem killing a rat or mouse that gets in my house or around my house they do to much damaged, but I would not burn it alive that’s not right.

That’s funny he was just thinking should he go # 1 or #2 there are bigger fish to worry about

Well I know someone will say that last post didn’t follow the thread so I sent my lawyer

That’s why Labrador Retreavers are great. They were once bread as hunting dogs, so naturally mine had a habbit of gaurding the house much better than can cats we’ve had (I’ve lost count of how many cats we’ve had, but only one has actually killed anything).

i find the butt end of mice in my hallway every few weeks my cats seem to not like there butt but everything else is gone