A Moment of Silence Please

I am audio ripping with EAC, saving as .wav files. I then burn with Nero Express. When I am burning a “standard” CD with individual songs, I add the 2 seconds before each track, works great. Some of my burns are symphonies with multiple tracks that need to be continuous, I don’t insert the 2 seconds, also works great. Unfortunately, there are times in which there are two symphonies on a CD and I want a 2 second gap between the end of one and the beginning of another. Let’s say Tracks 1-16 is the first, I want 2 seconds between 16 and 17, then none between 17-28. How can I accomplish this? I am using Nero Express, Burning ROM does not work with this burner. Is there some other program that might accomplish what I wish to achieve (free of course)?

If you use nero’s wave editor and load track 17 you can add a period of silence from micro seconds to ten seconds or so to the begining and/or the end. I also have creative sound studio and can do the same with that.
Hope this helps.

i use sony’s CD Architect,

it is as easy as grabing the audio file on the screen and sliding it to the desired position.

Well, after reading thousands of posts all over the internet, the thing to do is extract in EAC as a single wav file with a cue sheet, then burn it using the cue sheet, which will end up as an exact copy of the original. Maybe the burn can be done with Nero, but there may be problems having Nero read the EAC created cue sheet, gonna have to test…