A mistake that actually helped?

So I had 3 drives raided on my promise raid card (3 drive striped). I hooked two of the drives up to my siig raid card and left the 3rd disconected. I forgot to rebuild the array though. Whatever was on the drives, the siig card recognized the array (even though there were only two drives, not the original three) and ran a striped raid. I know that it is a bad idea to let a raid controler run a raid that was created by another controler (and have ne idea how it is working with the missing drive). So I formated the array and installed windows and it seems to be running fine. I would just delete the array, recreate it, and reformat just in case, if it were not for one thing. I have had this siig raid card for over a year, and I have never gotten it to work as a boot dirve using these same drives. I have tried everything including bios and driver update. I did update the bios and drivers again (to a newly downloaded copy of the same version). I have no idea if the previous drivers/bios were courpt, if there was a hardware conflict that is no longer present, or if the array created by the promise card fixed the problem, but so far, it seems to boot and work fine?

Can I trust this array? Is there any way to test it?

If it was Raid 5, then it would operate in degraded mode, with the missing data being reconstructed - very slow!

It was raid 0. The promise card I have is 4 channel and supports up to 4 disk raid 0. I dont know if it automatically rebuilt it or what? It seems to be working and has survived several reboots though (windows would get corupted after reboot before). I’m just going to leave it since it seems to be working. I’m wondering if there is any way to test it though. I’m also wondering what bad experiences others have had trying to run an array from a card other than the one that created it (I know that it can cause problems but cannot remember specifically what)?