A message (mainly) to the author of ratDVD


Thanks for your good program!

I have 2 suggestions I would like much to be implemented :

  1 - a pause option during conversion

  2 - a more ambitious feature : how about a resume later option for the conversion process ?

I address these two suggestions since some times I need to have all the CPU power (so the need for pause) or reboot (the suggestion number 2)

Thanks for the good work


i’d really like to have these two options too!

i have a third option in mind: as my system sometime freezes due overheating, i would like an option to tell ratdvd to use less than 100% cpu.

or at least some kinde of ‘auto-resume’ (every 10 minutes is fine - my system freezes usually after 90% work done…) so i can restart ratdvd after restarting and can chose ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘RESUME’ when ratdvd asks for overwriting.

I would love all 3 of these features. I think they should be considered for the next release.

For the time being, using task manager to set the priority of the ratdvd threads to Low/Idle setting will allow u to keep using your computer … but it doesn’t lower the usage though.