A lot of new processors go retail

Quite possibly. Although isn’t there a AMD version or have I just been up to long now.

All of the big names seem to be onboard Asus, Gigabyte, etc. I guess they have to be if Intel are going to go for it.

Intel are basically putting all of their eggs in one basket with this. Either it will work or flop hopeless. Untill they do it though they won’t know. One of the main reasons I am going for it is the use of onboard SATA (I know they have started to appear on other boards) DDR2 Ram and PCI-Express. I do like my games. :p. Also no legacy devices like printer and PS2 ports to worry about.

I think I will probably hold off on getting the first generation of these boards as I expect there to be a few problems.

I’ve saved my money, I’ve made my choice (possibly), Right or wrong lets see what happens.

No there’s no AMD version. The path from the CPU to the memory is too long for the current AMD systems (as it would really drain the performance of the system).

From what I am read, nobody’s really happy with BTX, but I guess manufacturers don’t have the luxury of choice: if Intel or the people want it, they’ll have to produce it.

BTW… Onboard SATA is very common now. Many boards have four or more SATA ports. I love SATA :).

But eh… DDR2? DDR2 memory is slow and expensive… I wouldn’t want it, not even for the price of regular DDR memory!

As I understood it DDR2 SDRAM is the next step up from DDR Ram both in performance and capacity?

The next generation, 925XE, with DDR2-667 and FSB 1066
Not Good?

I know SATA connections are appearing on alot of boards now. There will be no way I will get anything other than SATA now.

I though I was dreaming about the AMD.

Well the current CPU’s can’t really benefit from the bandwith that DDR2 offers, but they do suffer from the high latencies.

For now, DDR1 is still better. Even at higher speeds!

Now I see what you are saying. Well maybe a rethink is in order on the new boards. I’ve waited a while for a new computer so a couple of more months isn’t going to hurt while things are examined and tested.

I still like the idea of the new technology but maybe the initial WOW factor is effecting me coupled with the slowness of my current machine.

Actually, there is (or should I say was) an AMD version of the BTX, displayed at Computex, reported by anandtech. But the traces from the RAM to the CPU socket’s looked really weird and out of place. It’s a prototype of course. I think the vendor took it down the next day or something.