A lot of new processors go retail


New motherboards as well.


Been following Anandtech. Lots of good stuff coming out. But gonna wait till Q1 '05 for the stuff from AMD.

Yeah, Prescotts and their successors need some more time to mature a bit, too. :slight_smile:

BTX could be DOA if people don’t dig it. Not everybody’s gonna purchase a entirely new system just so they can cool their new P4 efficiently. But this is entirely up to Intel and how forcefully they’ll push the new format on retail system companies and DIY consumers. Only time will time.

I can’t wait for the FX-57 to arrive… it should enter the market in about october 2k4. I hope to have some money by then :slight_smile:

I have been waiting for this day for soooooooooooo long.

Finally I can get rid of my P3 450 and play some of the games I have bought. WooHooooooooooooo.

Saw this article from Toms Hardware Guide last night. It’s long but there is some information in there I can tell you.

Case manufacturers are already annoyed at intel for the layout of BTX. Apparently it is much more expensive to manufacture (and needs new stamping-machines, which cost alot of money) and since intel make changes to BTX every half hour or so without asking the manufacturers… Well I do not see the gain in BTX. It looks to be good for only one thing, cooling the CPU. But HDDs, videocards and stuff is left out of the loop…

Womble, how do you survive on a P3 450?!

From what i heard, BTX might be better for CPU cooling, but it is worse as far as the GPU cooling is concerned. AMD is not gonna go the BTX way, as they have no need for it with their new “cool” CPU line.

Don’t count on it!!

According to this article it comes not earlier then Q2 2005. :sad:

Such a thing happened before. With USB 1.x/2.0, S-ATA, ATX, Pentium 4, ZIP socket, GbE.

Setting a new standard is what Intel can do and probably only Intel can do it without too much delay. See what has happened in the ODD industry Sony always fighting against Matsushita which competes against Hitachi but not cooperating and they are all creating each of their own standards that are incompatibile with one another most time.

What people don’t buy cannot be standard. Not even HDTV can be any form of standard if no body buy HDTV but the reality is HDTV has become a standard since 1980s at the earliest and by the middle of 1990s, it has become a standard supported by millions of end users worldwide.

You might be saying it’s “forcefully” pushing since you don’t like Intel, but just what is force at all in industry cooperation? Who should decide case and motherboard form factors, among case designers, motherboard manufacturers, and Intel? Lian-Li and Chenbro can do it? Asus? AMD?

From what i heard, BTX might be better for CPU cooling, but it is worse as far as the GPU cooling is concerned.

One can say as well: “BTX might be worse for GPU cooling, but it is better for CPU.” Not everyone needs extreme GPU cooling but most people need CPU cooling, the exception being devices like mobile phones. I’m one of the people eager to see a reformed case design. Most of the times, it seems Intel’s thinking is ahead of the average users. Most of the case and motherboard makers are rather lagging because they are not there for innovation.

Dothan. 2MB L2. 90 nm process. Up to 2GHz.

My Banias 1.6GHz with 1MB L2 was never fast enough for 1920x1200 HDTV.

DP, I don’t believe this. :a

What? Who says I don’t like Intel? I bought an Intel Dell workstation a couple months ago… just not w/ my own money…

Yeah, I’m just gonna wait for Dual Core AMD FX in 2H '05.

Well yeah you are right, thing is though that BTX is better for CPU cooling only for those processors that have need of it ie the new Intel Prescott water-boilers could potentially make good use of it. Other CPUs (ie AMD 64bit) have no need for it.

So someone having no need for better CPU cooling why would he mess with his GPUs perfomance?

What about those don’t do gaming so use graphics in 845G or 915G? BTX is meant for public exactly like them. That’s how industry standards are made. Not exactly for those who built systems themselves with AMD processors and motherboards bought from resellers directly.

BTX is hardly for me, either, who needs a PC case as big as a 29-inch TV, but Intel doesn’t make custom-standard for one individual.

I did. :slight_smile:

Who says “I don’t like Intel” among those who don’t like Intel?

I’m glad to see they put the specs next to the new numbers. While the meghertz was oversimlifying things, the numbers are confusing as well. Apparently different classes of chips may get numbers in the same series (I heard both Pentium M and EE cpu’s would be in the 700 series), I hope it’s not true. The average consumer has enough trouble as it is now.

Badly. :a

You can update your sig to “Fear Wombles massive sized brain!, but not his computer” :stuck_out_tongue:

But now is the time to upgrade. I will say it again. WoooooooHooooooooo.

I am going for everything. BTX board, PCI-Express Card, SATA, the whole lot. I ahve waited and waited and now it is time to see the games I have bough in action how they are meant to be seen.

I nice self build to make sure I get exactly what I want. Expect a thread in here soon once everything has appeared in the UK shops.

I really wonder if BTX ever will make it. Normally I’d say no to that question, but when Intel wants to push technology… well we all know what happened in the past.

Although BTX offers a better way of cooling a CPU, I think that the ATX form factor still suffies and that cooling a CPU in a ATX case is still can be enhanced to cool more than well enough. Why not put a very wide, copper, heatsink on the CPU and a 10" fan in the sidepanel of the case. That could be a good working and quiet solution.

I guess Intel is doing this to smack AMD in the face…