A lot of dvd writers in a single computer



How is it possible to attach more then 4 dvds writers in a single computer with 2 IDEs channels? Is there any hardware to solve this problem?

My computer doesn’t have SATA channels.


You could use PCI controller cards, but I’m not sure whether the performance would be satisfying at all.


I had 10 before: 8 on two PCI controller cards and 2 on an IDE channel, would’ve had 2 more had the case supported 12. :smiley:


What controllers did you use? I’m interested too :slight_smile:


I’m using Silicon Image 680A-based PCI controllers. It doesn’t matter if it’s RAID or non-RAID controllers, since I’ve been able to flash a non-RAID BIOS onto a RAID card. I tried ITE 8212F RAID & non-RAID controllers before, but neither worked properly with my NF3- and NF4-based motherboards.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


In addition to SATA/PATA add-on cards, there’s always the option to buy an external enclosure for whichever drive you want to add and connect via USB/eSATA.