A lot kinds of Ritek media, What I should be take?

Hi all,

I go to NewEgg.com because I want to choose a good media that burn @ 8x with my new burner ( LiteOn 811/851 )

I go to Ritek media, But I have 2 options, What I should be take?

I have this options:
1 - RIDATA DVD+R 4.7GB 4X, Model DRD+474-RDCB50 - OEM

2 - RIDATA DVD+R 4.7G 4X Single Sided Write Once Media Single Disc with Silver Matte Finish, Model “DRD+47-4X-RDSM” 50 Pack, OEM

What I should be take?

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

Don’t crosspost. It’s against the rules. Your question has been answered in the media forum.