A look at Google’s internal desktop OS: Goobuntu



We’ve just posted the following news: A look at Google’s internal desktop OS: Goobuntu[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2014/08/goobuntu4-95x75.png[/newsimage]
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What?They’re not using ChromeOs themselves internally???:eek::confused::bigsmile:


[QUOTE=roadworker;2734780]What?They’re not using ChromeOs themselves internally???:eek::confused::bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

It would actually be interesting to see such a consumer-oriented OS be viable/flexible enough for all sorts of production/creation. But power users know where it’s at when it comes to all that low-level stuff. :cool:


I guess it only makes sense that, if Google wants to make a non-cloud OS, they would use Ubuntu. After all, Ubuntu’s Unity interface is known to have a controversial “feature”, considered by some to as spyware, in which local/desktop searches are transmitted for the purpose of “advertising”. We can probably expect Google to implement similar features, which could become even more controversial.