A look at DOOM III @ E3

this is too cool. I can’t wait (removed dead link more links below) it’s 67mb. DooM LIVES!!!

p.s. it requires quicktime or quicktime alternative to watch

Umm…couldnt d/l it - page gives ‘HTTP 403 - Forbidden’

DAP gives a username/passwd box

shit it worked before i’ll get a new link

Ok here’s the new link it will take you directly to the web page to download http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/6357
Here’s another one http://games.telstra.com/gamearena/resources/files/?action=details&id=6357
and another http://syd2.ausgamers.com:88/misc/trailers/doom3/d3_e32003.zip

Sorry about the other link;)

Ok finally downloaded it…Phew :slight_smile:

Really cool…looks like I’ll have to get my FX soon :wink:

maybe this might give you a bit of info, it’s a post on /. from jc about the different vid cards.
remember I said might :wink:

I’d love to play it, but my M64 doesn’t agree with me… :frowning:

And something bad, always happens to those who disagree with me! :wink: