A Long Story with a good Ending

Hello There,

For thoese of you who have followed my recent threads about my Crucial DDR3 1866mhz memory I have good news. I GOT IT TO PASS MEMTEST @ 1866mhz. hehehehe.

So here is the long story.

I go to the casino with the wife and win a little. So Fry’s has Crucial 1866mhz 2x4gb on sale for $40usd, so I grab two kits. Get it home and it was BSOD city. I messed with it for a bit and then took it back for a new set, same thing BSOD. So I messed with timings and all kinds of settings till I just figured it wouldn’t work with my board. Never could get it to pass memtest on my pc but others it had no problems. So I fugure new board time. The boy’s PC need an upgrade anyway.

So I get a new board ASSRock Z77 Extreme4, nice little board. Install everything and was able at stock settings to go into windows without a problem @ 1866mhz. No BSOD so I run memtest overnight and it was error city. So now I am getting pissed. I set the RAM to run @ 1600mhz and ran memtest overnight with no errors. WOW so even a new board cannot run this at it’s rated speed.

Now I am a little pissed I start reading reviews and articles about why can’t I run this stuff @ its rated speed. Come to find out it has nothing to do with the RAM or M/B, it’s my 2600k CPU. The memory controller is on the CPU not the board and the 2600k is only rated to go to 1333mhz. Well crap on a stick! So I am looking at a new CPU but I don’t have $300 for dish out at the time.

I had to work some overtime and payroll messed up (just my luck) so they cut me a seperate check. Hey now I have some extra cash to get a new Ivy-Bridge. I was talking to a total geek friend about my problem and he said to OC my CPU a little and it will work. I am thinking “no it wont”. I go to Fry’s to check on the 3770 and told the sales guy (who seamed to know what he was talking about ) what my problem was. He said going from a 2600k to a 3770 would be a wast of money. just do a slight OC on the 2600k and it will work fine. I was going to give my son the 2600k and put the 3770 in my PC. I ask the guy if they will match Micro Center price and he said yes. Then I asked for a 2500k to replace a E6850. “sure good upgrade” so I get the 2500k for $169usd and go home to start playing with a little OC two people who knew their stuff said to.

Last night I go into BIOS and start the OC. I called my total geek friend and here is wht we did.

Changed Optimized CPU OC @ 4ghz from stock disable
Changed the Host clock from 34 to 35
Changed the multiplier from 100.0 to 100.2
Changed the DRAM voltage from 1.5v to 1.55v
Rebooted and ran memtest for over an hour with no errors.

Played my Bioshock for a bit before bed, no problems. Ran memtest for close to 7 hours overnight to wake to no errors. All while running @ 1866mhs.
So all this time and all I needed to do was KICK MY PC IN THE A$$ a little to run this RAM. At least my boy will have a nice setup

Great story LOL :smiley:

I find Prime 95 to be helpful to test max configuration option. I use OpenHardwareMonitor, CPUID and HWInfo64 to monitor.

I have very good success with this method.