A little problem with Traxdata

Hi. I bought brand new Traxdata 52x and they’re awesome. They record fast and they’re reliable as any Traxdata media. For me, there’s no better media, but hey, let’s leave this alone.

I have a strange problem, which doesn’t affect recording itself, but it’s annoying for me. When I put in the media and check the informations about it, it says that the media is 712MB long, but when I want to record the data on it (app. 650-700MB) there’s that small notice that warns me that the media has to be written in overburn mode, otherwise there’s not chance of getting it done.

Okay, I can live with that, because the actual size of the media is 712MB and I record less data than its total capacity. But… in the warning there’s saying that I want to burn a 700MB of data on total 4MB of media capacity. How the heck this can be happening? First, the information window says that medium is more than 700MB long, now the overburn notice says that it is only 4MB (30sec) long.

I updated my firmware on Plextor Premium step by step. From 1.01 to 1.05.
This really doesn’t affect the results but it’s annoying. In this is only happening when I record these new Traxdata. Burning 40x version of them is no problem.