A little plastic disc comes to the film industry's rescue

I just posted the article A little plastic disc comes to the film industry’s rescue.

Economist has a little article about sales of DVD’s. It seems that DVD’s will be able to boost the income of the Movie Industry, because of it’s superior quality and extra options.

Next year…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2883-A-little-plastic-disc-comes-to-the-film-industrys-rescue.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2883-A-little-plastic-disc-comes-to-the-film-industrys-rescue.html)

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Yup, I prefer DivX though to DVD :slight_smile: lol. I wonder why?

I don’t like DivX. What’s the point? I bought a DVD player to hook up to my big TV and stereo surround equipment so that when I sit down to watch a movie, I get HIGH QUALITY. Sure, Divx is neat and it’s great compression and all, but it’s not a DVD. I want a quality movie on quality equipment. I have no desire to download a second rate dvd to watch on my piss-ass little computer monitor and PC speakers.

The point is not to replace DVD with Divx,but to use it along side. For instance I have every good movie that was released so far this year on CD as well as a large collection of DVDs. You download movies to decide if you want to go to the theater to see them or eventually buy them on DVD.

true. Same with music. I liked a couple of Limp Bizkit songs I downloaded, and since then ive ended up buying all 3 CD’s legit. wtf? why are they so worried about the mp3s!! some sad little accountant who worries about these things needs to get a life and see the benefits it has, especiallt to ordinary ppl who dont know if they really want a CD before they hear it on mp3. but Div X, i dont know. is it really worth it? to be honest id rather pay $8 to go see it at the cinema rather than have to download it on DivX.