A little piece of comfort needed

Thanks to all who read my last post:

After reading many threads on both this forum and the clonecd forum I am basically ready to buy a new burner.

I am pretty sure I want the Lite-on 52/24/52 (LTR-52246S); however, there are a couple small aspects that worry me.

Is the LTR-52246S the best cd burner (for reading/writing) overall?

With all these new anti-piracy protections being developed, will it become obselete quickly. (will firmware upgrades add life to it?). Can it burn sd2.9 and securom 4.8.x?

Would the Plextor Premium be a better burner (I have read some good and bad about this burner and sd2.9 and securom 4.8.x).

I know that these questions have been asked before in some form or shape and answered, (I have read the answers too) and now you are thinkin why ask again, because I feel these would make my decision final if directly answered :).

Thanks in advance

Lite-On is a good choice. Anyway, any driver on the current market can run into problems related to copy protections, but firmware updates often help to deal with them.