A little outdated but

NewEgg has the AMD 64 3200+ on sale right now for $49.00 with free 3 day shipping. I know the tech is out of date, but this is one of those processors that can take a beating. Paired with a good overclocking mother board I have seen this 2.2 ghz processor as high as 2.8 ghz with extremely high stability. If you have a socket 754 MB and a slower processor or just want to build an inexpensive comp this is a great start at a great price.


Good find at a very reasonable price-eh!

what would be a good cheap motherboard for this CPU?

Now $55.00 w/free 3 day.


Something like this maybe?

A lot of 754 boards have VIA chipsets, which I tend to avoid like the plague (too many bad experiences).


The egg shows it currently at $49 = free ship (@4pm pdt 03/12/2007)-eh!

Good for upgrade from those very old and slow processor that some people still might have.