A little help venturing into 8x burning



Well ive been burning at 4x for quiet some time now. Now ive been trying to do some 8x burns but cant figure out why when my burner actually starts to burn at 8x from 4x > 6x the PIs incease were others actually have them stay the same/ decrease. What makes the difference? is it the system or just large quanitys of media variation. Thanks


here’s my tries with different media.

for mine i have found 6x to be pretty safe but on my 8x burns i got the same thing you did.


That scan is still VERY well within acceptable limits. (PI<280).
Remember, RICOHJPNR01 is only 4X media after all…
Reduce your burn speeds to 6X to make them ‘perfect’ or live with the small spiking (which will probably not have ANY affect on playability)

Buy some actual 8X discs! :wink:


Hey thanks for the replies guys, and cnlson for the scans. My burner is a Nec-2500a and have herries beta5 dl. I can’t seem to get prodiscs S03 to burn any better than this @4x. The results @8x are very simular. I know the results are acceptiable but everyone else seems to be getting great scans witht his media. i bought this from rima last week. and both spindles have about the same results.


Josh, that scan looks pretty good to me. What software did you use to burn @ 8X? I found that CloneDVD2 burn @ 8X with much better quality than Nero burn @ 8x.

If you compare with mine @8x burn with Liteon 411s@811s you will be very thankful to this quality of NEC :Z .

Burner NEC2500A FW 1.70v2b4

  1. my 8X burn with Clone (RicohJPR01)
  2. 6x burn with Nero(RicohJPR01)
  3. 6x burn with Nero (Ritek G04)

P.S How can I add text between images?? :confused:


So far i used clonedvd2, nero6.3.15 and also recordnow 4.5 but the results are all about the same. I just wish these prodiscs woudl burn better.


as long as the errors are less than 280 for pi and 5 PIF/PO you are fine and the results are grand.