A little help plz



heyy guys
My problem is that i have a 512kbps connection but i sometime sonnect 300 or 350kbps and now am connecting 199kbps i dunno what is the problem can u help me guys becaus i cannot download anthing in more than 15kbps


are you using a router?


ya i m using a one


Call your DSL or Cable provider. They can help better than we can.

  1. Try a different cab;e between your modem & the wall
  2. Try a lower MTU - ask your ISP for the optimal MTU if required.
  3. How are you connected to the router? Wifi? 100Mb/s?

What’s the SNR on the line?

  1. Are you using a firewall? Are you use QOS?


thanx debro i used a different cable and got my speed dude thanx to you
but i have a new prob i cant get my download speed here its only 2.5 kbps can u help me out plz


and ya its in utoorent ok and i used many torrents reinstalled restarted modem chged ma port and its always green and umm id unno what else [:P] soo u tell me what to do now m getting really pissed


what dou mean by that [:P] i dun get ya
umm well letss see
i have a 512kbps connection and umm i use a router spped touch konection and what else aske me [:P]