A little help please?



i have been using anyDVD and cloneDVD with much success. thanks to all the posters and the great information here.

just dl’d dvd Shrink, so i could actually have menus, and save on media. can someone point me to a FAQ or a thread that tells the proper way to use DVD Shrink with clone DVD products. the search thread option on this board is not working for me!


Hunh? Clonedvd2 can retain original menus. In fact, Clonedvd2 can retain original menus while splitting across two discs, whereas Shrink can’t.

and save on media



To be precise, on the second “filmstrip screen” of CloneDVD (the page where you choose which title sets to include), there is a check-box labelled “Preserve Menus” in the top right corner of CloneDVD’s interface. You must have left it un-checked.



i actually figured it out on my own, prior to revisiting the thread!

whisperer: i was aware of that feature, but never used it. i figured, why have menus when i have to put my stuff on 2 discs anyway? i was just copying full episodes (6 ft under, Sopranos, etc.). that is why i was going through so much media Webslinger. Some of my discs have 3 episodes on them. i was backing up 2 episodes to 1 disc, and the 3rd to another. what a waste. i went through almost 100 discs to back up those 2 series alone!

on my recent successful attempt, i ripped using CloneDVD, compressed with DVDShrink, and then used CloneDVD again to burn. now everything is on one disc. all episodes, as well as commentary and special features (which i never backed up before).

thanks for the replys! special thanks to the mods and all others who make this board great and don’t treat noobs like $hiT.


You can do all of this with Clonedvd2 (Clonedvd2 compresses video as well). At high levels of compression though, it’s probably better to use Shrink using deep analysis if you want better picture quality than what Clonedvd2 can provide.


Actually there is another good reason to always keep menus. Depending on how the DVD original was authored, the sound and subtitle tracks are often matrixed through the menu structure. So, even if you include all tracks on your backup, your player sometimes chooses the wrong default track (another language plays as the default rather than english). Or the audio button on your remote won’t cycle through to find the track you want. Or subtiles play by default when you don’t want them or don’t display, by default, when needed for the scenes when the charactors are speaking in another language. etc. The menu doesn’t take up much data space and is necessary on some backups.