A little help from Swedish ppl!

Hi there,

I was thinking of getting a specialization in medicine in Sweden. I hope i’ll get the md degree this year, so this is for next year.

Can anyone give me a few details on where i should be searching for info (how to get accepted by a hospital, the wages, requirements etc…)? Any feedback or useful url will be kindly appreciated :wink:

:slight_smile: sorry mate cannot help you on that one but…

invest your time in paracetomol you will need it when England whip your ass;) this sunday…

:eek: even though your in athens :confused:

Originally posted by snout
even though your in athens :confused:
Well that;s because i am greek :rolleyes: Just thinking to get specialized abroad :wink:

Therefore i don’t really care on whether sweden loses over uk (which most likely won’t happen since “mr spice” isn’t playing … or is he?)


ooops greek - SORRY buddy.

And yep hes fully fit and raring to go - i think the news as been kidding everybody they’ve kept him wrapped up in cotton wool.

Great to hear (maybe i’ll bet a few $ on you) :smiley:

So is there anybody that can help me out here? (maybe AirHead - you’re swedish right? :wink: )

There aren’t much on the web, but for information on permits and wages, you can try this link.
It’s a link to AMS (Arbetsförmedlingen), our national employment agency.
Hope it helps… :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Thanx a lot AirHead :smiley:

I can’t seem to find any specific info about medical specialization but it is a start! Maybe i will e-mail them

Thanx again :slight_smile: