A little confused

Anyone help me out here, I’m a bit confused by some of these new features that are coming into DVDFab. Once I’m pointed in the right direction, it might be better. Anyway - regarding backing up DVD’s.

When you open up the main page of DVDFab, you are presented with the usual options down the left hand side. The newer ones in the center which now consist of:
Copy DVD > Video what is this about
DTS - No problem with that one, straight forward.
Copy DVD Audi0 - I don’t use this, but seem straight forward.
And finally, Copy NON DVD Files. - Have no idea here.

I did a test on Hannibal Rising which I just brought, when doing DVD > Video, I see no difference than just selecting Full Disk and backing up. And…if I first rip the DVD to the HDD, then select the HDD as source, select the DVD > Video option, nothing happens, it just sits there.

Onto NON DVD files, what is this for, do you just select a mpg file, avi file, what does this do, what are the NON DVD files that are being used here.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

At the risk of being attacked here, and please don’t get me wrong, I love this program but it really needs a few help files, maybe less updates and at least ONE how to, would be better for some of us less technically minded who just want to use the program as intended. I suppose the problem with writing a help file for a program that is constantly in flux is both difficult and probably a waste of time. BUT…even if it was done on some of the most common features, it would be nice.


Have you checked out the How Tos listed in signals’ signature? :slight_smile:

I have, but they do not relate to what I am asking about.

Hey Cage,

Nice to see you pop in. I promise [B]not[/B] to attack… :eek: :bigsmile:
As my good friend FATBOY said, I think some of this stuff is in signals’ links, but definitely his posts… :wink:
I never use full disc so I’m just looking at it now.

This will copy anything in the VIDEO_TS folder. As you know the AUDIO_TS folder is empty and present to conform to proper structure.

I suspect, as I think signals has mentioned recently, this will copy non-video content, such as a game or perhaps a software player like the infamous Interactual Player, formerly PC (not so) Friendly… :stuck_out_tongue:

[Edit] I was typing as you were posting…
Guess my typing still sucks and I’m not any younger…that’s for sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, my ears were en fuego.:slight_smile: Lots to address here. The new functions (I think) are there to give more user options when copying Full Disc or Clone without alienating those who are looking for a “one-click” experience. I’m not sure they are fully implemented yet but I haven’t had a chance to play around with them much while travelling this week. It’s not clear from the release notes exactly how the options will change a FullDisc copy. The JACKET_P folder being a good example. This folder contains MPEG-2 images (you can actually play them with VLC or WinDVD) that are typically used in menus and features. I don’t know what would happen if they weren’t copied. (Clone would copy them normally I suspect and Full Disc might too). Cage, as to the help files, you are right about the constant improvements making this a hard job. Remember too that every DVD is unique, often with quirky features or oddball ways of handling things like subtitles and director’s commentaries that add to the problems of creating generalized instructions or step-by-step guides. What works for one disc might not for another. I have written one true step-by-step guide (the one for flipper discs) (two if you count Merge mode) and stormjumper has done a couple for the basic functions that are designed to help new users get started. I plan to do more as time permits. I have on this PC a full user’s manual originally written by one of Fengtao’s staff that I have revised I think 4 or 5 times now (and which now needs it again, not even through the last one yet). So be patient, it will come. I don’t think you will ever be attacked in this forum for constructive suggestions.:slight_smile:


Thanks to all…yet again, for helping out. I think for now, I will just stick with the tried and proven, like the Maineman says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

One suggestion though, why don’t we have a sticky (JUST ONE - NOT SEVERAL, that says [B]GUIDES HERE[/B]) or something like that at the top of this page (yes another one) that has all these guides in the one place. Would be a lot easier to just go there and see what’s available. Be very useful for people who just drop by an maybe not be aware that Signals, Maineman and others have these guides on the bottom of there sigs - Just a suggestion. AND…if they do end up in a sticky, make sure it can only be added to by a moderator so no comments can be put in the sticky. Just have titles for types of guides [B]ONLY[/B].

Thanks again guys.

And take all the fun out of this forum-I vote NO!!-LOL- :sad:

Actually, two of the ones I wrote have already been combined (Merge Mode and Features Summary) and most of them are locked. I will try to finish up the rewriting of the User’s Manual sooner rather than later since this has touched such a nerve. It may mean I won’t be posting as much (I know some will cheer, you know who you are and so do I), so everybody help out while I write:) . I do think the individual stickies make it faster to find help on a particular subject without having to read through a lot of stuff that may not help. Just my .02.