A little confused

I use to rip all my movies onto my hard drive using DVD Decrypter then save for later to burn them with DVD Shrink. I want to switch to Any DVD because Decrypter just isn’t doing it these days. I’m findind out Any DVD is geared more for on the fly ripping then burning using DVD Clone. I don’t mind using different software, but how would I rip a DVD using AnyDVD to save onto the hard drive without making a copy right away? I’ve tried using DVDdecrypter while Any DVD is loaded and it didn’t seem to work. Could I just copy the contents of the DVD to my hard drive and Any DVD will automatically decode it? I would imagine this is correct since it advetises this. Well, any suggestions would be awesome and I’ll continue to read on here, but it’s more for people with issues with certain movies…not a general question like mine. Thanks a bunch!

try copy movie with dvdshrink (no compression) or you can use dvddecrypter together with psl2 plugin (i do), works great (guide), looks difficult but it’s not :disagree:

Actually, can CLONEDVD rip and save the decoded files onto your hard drive?

together with anydvd should work

CloneDVD doesn’t even recognize my DVD writer. It’s a BenQ 1620 and I’ve checked for firmware issues/updates. I happen to have the firmware that’s bug free and works pretty good. I wonder why a write from 2005 isn’t compatible with CloneDVD.

do you have this clonedvd2


  1. Open the DVD drive in “My Computer”.

  2. Drag the VIDEO_TS folder to your desktop.

Was that so hard? :wink:

  1. Open movie with DVD Shrink
  2. Copy main movie over to the DVD structure area
  3. Click on Back up
  4. Make sure that create audio and video files is selected
  5. Pick your region settings
  6. Click on start
  7. When finished open up nero and create a new DVD video
  8. Copy all of the files in the video file, you saved your film in and copy them into the video area not the audio area
  9. Burn the image to your DVD-R