A little Chocolate bunny humor for Friday

I saw this at work and thought it was funny. So Iwanted to share it here. I hope it is not already posted somewhere on these boards.

nice one :smiley:

i had that one for an avatar last year…its just sooo cute!!!

sexy , i prefer your avatar now :slight_smile:

Very nice, Crabby.

I used to belong to the Playboy Club and there were bunnies there that had the same conversation.

Shave before a visit.

About bunnys if you have missed it

If you shave, you will be able to wipe the chocolate of your face after eating a lot of it.

awwww tha poor poor bunny…

Some “bunnies” can afford to have a large bite taken of their butts.

I once tried to take a bite out of a Playboy Chocolate Bunny and boy did my rear end hurt when it hit the pavement outside of the club.

Great one, crabbyappleton. :iagree: