A List Of DVDs That Cannot Be Shrunk To A Single DVD!

I am starting a list of dvds that cannot be shrunk to a single dvd and require a dl dvd!

Found one so far but if you have also found any please add to this list!

Pat Benatar - Choice Cuts The Complete Video Collection.

There’s no reason you can’t compress any dual layer DVD to fit on a single layer disc. I guess by the usage of the term “shrunk” you may be referring to DVD Shrink, in that case you’re right but you still don’t need dual layer media, it’s just a case of running the files through DVD Shrink twice.

I agree just run them twice through Shrink.

However, you could use DVD Rebuilder and get much better quality than a twice ‘shrunk’ DVD.


Or, honestly, you could split it onto two blanks, they’re CHEAP.

Already copied it to a DL dvd, but thanks anyway!

dvd rebuilder is the best solution :smiley: :iagree:

Utter waste of time to put up such a list since it depens on each person’s personal preference regarding image quality as well as their equipment whether a DVD will fit on a regular blank or not.

I am a big DVDShrink fan and user. I didn’t even know DVD Rebuilder was around…

but, I have a couple of music dvds that for being able to shrink them, I had to this.

Both had only one audio stream ----- PCM (very, very big).

One was Simply Red and the other, the new MJ Live in Bucharest.

I copied the MJ one to the hd. Demuxed it. Converted the .wav to .ac3. Muxed it back. Replaced the VTSs in the decrypted directory with the new ones.

DVDShrink was able to shrink it and went from 52% with almost 700 mb in red, to 78%.

PCM audio file was 2.4 Gb.
AC3 audio file is 324 Mb.

So I recovered over 2 Gb for more video quality and the audio is perfect.

So, check if this Pat Benatar dvd has a PCM audio file only. This may be the problem.

In both cases, there were not any extras, so I couldn’t bypass them…

Take care…, and excuse my porr english. I hope is clear enough.

Audio on the PB dvd was DD 5.1! No PCM!