A legal Issue

I have a question regarding filesharing legality :rolleyes:

is it only illegal if you share the file?

what if you download it only say from rapidshare and never share the file with anyone else?

I heard this somewhere and want it clearing up :smiley:

I do not use any p2p software at all :disagree:

Has there being any cases from people been prosecuted from downloading from warez sites, you only here of the P2P stuff on the news?

Thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Every country have different laws, so it is difficult answer to your question.

Basically, as a thumb rule, every download (whatever is the source, rapidshare or torrent) of copyrighted material is illegal, even if you don’t share it.

Bear in mind that the source is not synonymous of illegality. There are a lot of torrent files that are perfectly legal like Linux distributions for example. You can download these freely :slight_smile:

Most movies and music and such files are illegal. Your comment on file sharing brings up another point however. Most watch dog companies will only go after people sharing content. I mean there are so many people downloading illegal content that they can not go after everyone so they go after those ISP’s who are hosting(such as Pirate bay) and go after those people who are seeding(sharing)out copyrighted material. This is not to say you are safe from legal action if you do not share your material. You are just less at risk but you still take a chance.