A kind-hearted gesture

My mum told me something pretty funny today…

She was at her boyfriend’s place after spending the night there, and she was looking out the window at the shops opposite.

In the doorway of the PDSA shop, she saw a dishevelled ginger and white cat, which was meowing at passers-by.

So, she decided to go downstairs, go into the diner next door, and get the cat a saucer of milk and some chopped up sausages and bacon (cost her £1.60!).

Hehehehe, by the time she bought the food, the cat had disappeared, and my mum was left standing by this shop holding the food…I cracked up when she told me - it was kind of her, but I had to laugh at her standing holding this saucer of milk, and no cat :bigsmile:

Your mum sounds like my wife, worried about every animal in the world…
If she had her way, there would be no animal going to bed hungry…
She sounds like a beautiful person…Consider yourself lucky that she’s not adopting strays and bringing them to you for shelter…

aww that’s very nice of her (and also pretty funny)

my friend and her mom both work at an animal hospital and they are both HUGE softies. basically anything that’s going to be put to sleep ends up living in their house. they had one cat that needed a big surgery that the owners couldn’t afford so they paid for the surgery themselves.

their medicine cabinet is FULL of animal medicine. pretty much every pet they have has something wrong with it that requires daily attention and the original owners just didn’t want to have to deal with it.

Awww man, that’s the sort of thing I’d do!

And yeah, my mum’s a bit of a softie with a hard coating :wink:

I’ll tell her you guys thought it was nice though…might make up for the fact that myself and her co-workers all burst out laughing :bigsmile:

i always find that if you are going to buy a stray (people as well) some food you should be prepared to eat it yourself if it gets rejected. they are pretty fussy.

@Arachne, what a nice story!

Too bad your mum fell victim to the cleverly thought-out prank perpetrated by that ginger and white cat. Now she will probably be on the catdid camera show on KLAH-tv! :bigsmile:

KLAH: Kitties Laugh at Humans, purrrrrrrh. A sub-division of Evil Cats Inc.


That’s brilliant :bigsmile: :clap:

Same! :bigsmile:

:eek: :eek: :eek:


Bwahahahahaha…a custom user title for Drage :bigsmile:

@geno888, hey - keep your hands off my personal files. It’s unfair of you to leak my secret identites to the public like that! :frowning:

j/k of course. :cool:

ooops :stuck_out_tongue: